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Can I still enroll in Covered California for 2021?

Yes. 2021 Open Enrollment has ended but, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can enroll under Special Enrollment until May 15, 2021.

When is Covered California open enrollment for 2020?

Open enrollment begins October 15, 2020 and ends January 31, 2021 .

Is there a penalty for not having health insurance in 2021?

Yes. Although the federal penalty has been reduced to $0, the State of California has introduced a new, State penalty, for not having coverage. The penalty is 2.5% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or $695, which ever is more, for each person that does not have coverage.

Why choose is a certified enrollment agent for the Covered California system.

How much will insurance cost?

Call one of our helpful agents today and find out. You can also go to our home page, fill out the simple form, and we will call you.

I heard that Covered California had been canceled. Is that true?

Covered California is alive and well. It is still providing reduced cost health insurance to over 1 million Californians.

Does Covered California offer dental coverage?

Yes, starting with the 2016 plan year, you will be able to add adult dental coverage to your account. Covered California has always offered dental coverage to children.

Is Covered California my insurance company?

No, Covered California is not your insurance company. CoveredCa is the exchange created so that you can shop for and purchase health insurance from a health insurance company such as Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Health Net or Kaiser.

How can I sign up for ObamaCare?

The exchange in California that you will use to sign up for "ObamaCare" is Covered California. California chose to run its own exchange so in California you will be using a state health insurance exchange vs. a federal health insurance exchange.

Is there a difference between Covered California and ObamaCare?

No. Covered California is the name given to California's exchange. Covered Ca was created to sell the insurance dictated in the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.

When does Covered California Enrollment end?

The last day for CoveredCa open enrollment is January 31, 2020.

Why is it so difficult to get through to Covered California?

There is a large volume of phone calls flooding the CoveredCa call center. If you call us we always strive to answer the phone the first time or get back to your call in less than 15 minutes.

Does Covered California Offer Dental Coverage?

Yes. Covered California has always offered dental and vision coverage to minors. As of the 2016 enrollment year, Covered California will be offering dental coverage, for an additional charge, to adult members. This coverage starts at about $13 depending on age, location, and plan selected.